Green energy


At Lincolnshire Co-op, we're keen to reduce our carbon footprint whilst being efficient with our members' money.

The electricity we use in our outlets is green energy which comes from small scale hydro-electric plants and wind farms. Our sites are powered by wind and water!

We believe one of the good things about hydro and wind power is that both harness the power of a natural resource - but don't have the negative environmental impacts of some other forms of renewable energy. For example, burning bio mass still emits carbon.

We work with other co-operatives to buy our energy in a large group. This means we not only get the best prices but it also allows us to enter long term agreements with the power companies. This in turn gives them the confidence to invest in more green energy technologies.

But it's not just wind and water, we've also ventured into solar power. We first installed solar panels on the roof of our Winning Post Food Store and Filling Station in Lincoln in 2011 and have followed this trial by adding panels to eight more of our sites. Together they're expected to save more than 37,000kg of Co2 a year. 


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