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Being a member of Lincolnshire Co-op means a lot more than simply having a dividend card.

Upon becoming a member and investing £1 in the society you become a shareholder in a major local business. This entitles you to vote for the Board of Directors and have a say at AGMs.

As a member you can also come along to events, such as cookery demonstrations or our annual carol concerts. 

You can get involved in your local area members' group. These groups make decisions on donation requests from local good causes and also discuss Society services.

There are 9 members' groups, including two in Lincoln and others covering Horncastle, Newark, Sleaford, the south of the county, Gainsborough, Grimsby and Market Rasen. If you'd like to find out more about joining, contact our Membership and Community team on (01522) 544 632.  

As well as arranging activities for members, we have two clubs for young members from five to 18 years of age.

  • imageDividend card
    The Lincolnshire Co-op dividend is a traditional way of giving members a share of the profits.

  • imageEvents
    Details of events, exhibitions and things to do organised by Lincolnshire Co-operative.

  • imageGet involved
    Joining your local members’ group is the perfect way to get more involved, meet other members and find out more about Lincolnshire Co-operative.

  • imageMember benefits
    Members of Lincolnshire Co-op receive a wide range of benefits, from dividend on shopping, to discounts on local goods and services.

  • imageHow to join
    To become a member of Lincolnshire Co-op and qualify for a dividend card, a share in our profits and other member benefits simply complete our application form, sign it and return it to us.

  • imageJunior members
    At Lincolnshire Co‑operative we run two clubs which are for anyone who lives within the trading area of Lincolnshire Co‑op and are aged between 5-11 or 12-18. Better still, both clubs are completely free to join!

  • imageCo-operative woodland
    Trees are amazing – not only do they act as lungs for the atmosphere by absorbing carbon and locking it away for decades, but they also generate oxygen, provide homes for a variety of wildlife, give us raw materials and make a great place for relaxation and fun!

  • Dividend Bonus 2013
    We had a successful year in 2013 and that meant that from 5th December, our members received their annual dividend bonus.

  • Login to my account
    How to register or login to our members' site.



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