Volunteers help out at skate park

Skirbeck Road Skate Park  WEB

Colleagues from Lincolnshire Co-operative painted parts of a local skate park during National Volunteers’ Week 2012.

The team were at Skirbeck Road Skate Park in Boston and painted a number of wooden panels with primer. The panels will now be graffitied by a professional artist and young people who use the park.

Lincolnshire Co-op gave the project at £500 grant when the Society's Skirbeck Road Food Store store, which is next door to the park, opened last year.

Taking part were Volunteering Co-ordinator Rachel Sampher, Alena Dukalskis from Skirbeck Road Food Store and Tina Horton, Manager of Skirbeck Road Food Store.

All Lincolnhire Co-op staff are encouraged to take part in community projects and undertake two days of volunteering a year. Find out more on the staff volunteering pages.


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