Learning the ropes on the lawn

 2012_06_20 Nettleham Bowls Web2

Children from Nettleham Junior School have been bowled over by a new sport on the village green.

Lincolnshire Co-operative gave Nettleham Bowls Club a £450 Community Dividend grant to buy equipment to teach youngsters how to play.

The donation has paid for two sets of red and blue soft bowls, jacks and targets, and two sets of small pink and blue hard bowls for use at an after school club.

Nettleham Junior School Headteacher David Gibbons said the children “just keep coming back”.

“Years three to six, so 7-11 year olds, have been coming to the club and they love it,” he explained.

“A lot of them have decided to do this in the place of other clubs. We’ve got some very keen sports people and they’re really enjoying it but also some children that we wouldn’t usually see at our sports clubs and this gives them a way in too which is very positive. Our children being out in the community is a big thing for us.”

The soft bowls mean the children can play indoors in the school hall if the weather is bad but if it’s fine they have been getting to grips with the game on the green.

Nettleham Bowls Club Chairman Derek Kilby said: “The children take it in turns to bowl to the jack and when they’ve finished they bowl back. The idea is that the children get interested and then Mum and Dad join and they can play with them. We want to make it a community thing.”


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