Rewards for healthy habits

Healthy habitsWant to get active but don’t want to become a gym-bunny? Or, are you worried about getting your kids off the games console and up-and-about?

Sessions from the City of Lincoln Council’s Health Lifestyles Team could be the answer. The team offer something for everyone; from led group walks in and around Lincoln to a programme called activ8 for kids and parents alike.

Keeping motivated can also be an issue and the City Council has teamed up with Lincolnshire Co-operative to make healthy habits even more appealing.

New people going to a Healthy Lifestyles Team session will now receive a special stamp for each attendance. Five stamps create a £10 voucher which can be used in any Lincolnshire Co-op food store. 

The scheme is funded by £10,000 donated by Lincolnshire Co-op pharmacies and food stores.

Healthy Lifestyles Team Leader at the City of Lincoln Council, Joanna Blackwell said: “It’s the early stages of developing a healthy habit that we all find challenging, whether it’s giving up smoking, losing weight or getting active. The Healthy Habit vouchers will give that extra incentive to keep on track.”

Lincolnshire Co-op’s Head of Pharmacy Alastair Farquhar added: “Although the main part of our business is dispensing prescriptions, as a co-op we’d much rather help people avoid the need for medication. The Healthy Habit voucher scheme is one of the ways in which we’re aiming to do just that.” 

To find out about joining a Healthy Lifestyles programme call 01522 873 581 or visit


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