Stop smoking

Stop smoking

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Need help to stop smoking? Get free help, support and advice at selected Lincolnshire Co-op pharmacies. More...

Flu vaccinations

Flu vaccinations

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Winter is coming, be prepared and get a flu jab at selected Lincolnshire Co-op pharmacies.



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Our registered podiatrists offer a range of treatments to keep your feet in tip-top condition.


Prescription collection service

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Register for our free prescription collection service and collect your prescription from your local Lincolnshire Co-op Pharmacy.


Our pharmacies are so much more than simply a place to pick up your prescription. There’s a wealth of health advice on offer to keep you and your family in tip top condition.

All our outlets have consultation rooms where people can have a chat in private with a pharmacist or a specially trained advisor.

NHS Medicine Use Reviews ensure patients are taking their medication correctly – particularly useful if you use a variety of pills and potions or have been on the same treatments for a while.

Stopping smoking is one of the biggest things you can do to improve your health.  Our smoking cessation advisors can support you through that life-changing challenge.

We also have a podiatry team who can help you step feet first into a healthier lifestyle by offering guidance on foot care issues like cracked heels or nail problems.

Other services on offer include:

  • Sexual health advice, such as chlamydia and pregnancy testing
  • Aids for the disabled
  • Health checks
  • Blood pressure testing

Your pharmacy team will be pleased to help you with any queries – just pop into your local branch. And if you fancy reading our latest health advice, visit Lincolnshire Co-op's blog


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