Funeral bonds

Isn't it odd how we plan ahead for ourselves, and for our security, yet we seldom get round to planning for the one thing none of us can avoid.

It is sensible and practical to plan ahead.

It is a reasonable way of showing concern for your family. It means that decisions can be made calmly now, so that at the emotional time of bereavement, your wishes can be fully respected.

These wishes can be carried out through a Lincolnshire Co‑op funeral bond. A Lincolnshire Co‑op funeral bond does more than just cover the cost of the funeral - it provides an opportunity to arrange the funeral exactly as you want it.

Every person is different. Every funeral can be a reflection of that person. Therefore we believe it is important that each client feels that every detail has been considered.

In order that we may deliver our obligation to you, all funeral bond monies paid to Lincolnshire Co‑op Ltd are invested in whole-of-life insurance policies between us and The Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Ltd.

A Lincolnshire Co‑op funeral bond also enables you to pay for your tailor-made funeral at today's prices.

Once paid, your Lincolnshire Co‑op funeral bond will be honoured however much prices have gone up. There are no hidden extras. Equally, you know that we, with our unmatched experience and personal service, will carry out all the arrangements discreetly and sensitively when the time comes - after all, we have been around for generations and you can be sure we will still be here to serve future generations.

Your Lincolnshire Co‑op funeral bond will give you peace of mind.

More information

You can request funeral bond information online or alternatively contact your local Lincolnshire Co-op Funeral Service.



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